5. tensions

Tensions between Odelia and Rosena start to rise.


Last time…

Meredith and Rosena talking over dinner

“When were you going to tell me about this boy?!” She slammed her hands on the table slightly, and pushed her chair back roughly. “You know what? It doesn’t matter.” She stood then, and tossed her napkin on the table. “You never tell me anything anymore anyways.”

Odelia stormed out of the house after dinner that night, running from the table before Rosena or Meredith could say anything.

When had she stopped telling me things? Odelia wondered. Why has she stopped talking to me? When had my mother taken my place?

Odelia saw the way her mother looked at her…and couldn’t ignore the fact that things weren’t fixed between them yet…

I won't talk to you!

But is mom even trying to fix things? She asked herself. I came back to help…I came back hoping to fix everything. But does she like having me around?

she prefers my mother over me

Rosena was always talking to Meredith, normally leaving Odelia out of the conversation unless Meredith pulled her in.

We’ve hardly been here a month…how come they’ve gotten so friendly already? Meredith didn’t even know about her grandmother until dad died! And now…

It finally hit her, as she lost her balance and fell to ice.

Odelia fell skating

“Mom is stealing my daughter away from me,” Odelia whispered to the open air around her. “My mother loves my daughter more then me…”

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