4. family

Blood is thicker then water…or is it?


“If you can get it running,” Rosena gestured to the rusted car sitting in the driveway. “Then I don’t see why you can’t use it.”

Meredith working on the car

Meredith happily started working on fixing the car up. She spent time in her room reading books on how to repair it.

Meredith making a face

She tried asking Odelia for help but never got very far…

“And how are your grades?” Rosena asked over dinner one night. “I don’t want that old car to cause a drop in your schoolwork.”

“Oh grandma!” Meredith waved her hand, as if blowing the question away. “Of course not. I’m still keeping my grades up.” She smiled softly between bites. “My homeroom teacher even said that mechanics is a great thing to learn, and recommended some more books.” She turned to her mother beside her and addressed her. “And he said that it’s good to know so you don’t get ripped off, right mom?”

Meredith and Rosena talking over dinner

At hearing her daughter actually talking to her, Odelia dropped her spoon in her bowl. “Oh, yeah…” she mumbled softly.

Meredith ignored her mother’s response, and continued talking to Rosena. “Brant even said it was great “for a girl” to know how to fix a car.” She blushed slightly at Brant’s name, but kept going. “And you know how I want to impress him and-”

“You what?!” Odelia quickly addressed her daughter, her spoon still sitting in her bowl. “When were you going to tell me about this boy?!” She slammed her hands on the table slightly, and pushed her chair back roughly. “You know what? It doesn’t matter.” She stood then, and tossed her napkin on the table. “You never tell me anything anymore anyways.”

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