15. My own friends – Lynn Interlude


Lynn holding Amina

I love helping my sister with her kids, don’t get me wrong, but a girl has got to have her own friends, you hear me? Especially me, a princess raised to be a friend of the world.

05-30-17_6-16-29 PM

And can you blame a girl for wanting to enjoy a party? Being a princess on Sixam, I was never allowed to party, so when Bella invited me to a dance party at the ruins I was there faster than one could say ‘dance party’.

05-30-17_6-21-07 PM

To think of what some Earth humans would wear to dance parties! I wasn’t dressed right, but I still managed to enjoy myself.

05-30-17_6-20-06 PM

“That’s Sixam there, Dominic,” I had become fast friends with the older man, and when he asked me about my planet, I quickly pointed it out. “It’s a nice planet, when not torn between sides during war. If you ever leave Earth, you should see it.”

05-30-17_6-21-45 PM05-30-17_6-21-55 PM

Being older, Dominic had been around the block and I confided in him the dark secrets of my marriage to Shin (and the reasons why I never should’ve married him). He also confided in me his unhappiness in his own marriage.

05-30-17_6-29-51 PM05-30-17_6-30-08 PM05-30-17_6-35-38 PM05-30-17_6-35-52 PM

One thing led to another, and before I knew it…

05-30-17_6-30-55 PM

“You excite me, Lynn,” Dominic’s voice was warm with emotion. “I have grown to care for you, these past few hours…”

05-30-17_6-31-11 PM

The thought of still exciting a man after having a child and a divorce was all I needed to hear to make my heart beat fast. One look in his brown eyes and I was lost.

05-30-17_6-32-15 PM05-30-17_6-32-45 PM05-30-17_6-33-25 PM05-30-17_6-33-42 PM05-30-17_6-33-52 PM

Dominic smiled brightly at me as we left the bush. “You are one fabulous woman, Lynn.”

I knew it, and I was glad he saw it. That was one thing Shin never saw in me. Shin never truly loved me.

05-30-17_6-35-22 PM

“Thank you, Dominic, for showing me someone can truly care for me.”

It had only been a matter of hours since we’d met, but the time had flown right by, and Dominic had a wife to get back home to. I hugged him tightly one last time, for I knew I’d never see him again.

Dominic looking lovely in the gardenLynn and Dominic - Lovebirds 1Lynn and Dominic - Lovebirds 2Lynn and Dominic - Lovebirds 3

Now all I have are the happy memories of a man I believe truly loved me.


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