14. 1…2…3…?!

Not one, not two, but three?!


05-21-17_8-53-07 PM05-21-17_8-53-17 PM05-21-17_8-55-01 PM05-21-17_8-57-06 PM

Yen cuddled her son close. Omar. He looked just like his daddy.

05-21-17_8-57-11 PM05-21-17_8-57-20 PM

“He’s a handsome boy, Yen.” Lynn smiled at her sister and nephew. “I’m sure he’ll grow up to be big and strong!”

05-21-17_8-57-31 PM

Yen shed a tear. “Yes, like his father.”

05-21-17_8-57-35 PM05-21-17_9-03-18 PM

“Amina looks just like you!” Lynn happily bounced her niece.

05-21-17_9-03-24 PM

“And Imani!” Yen agreed with her sister.

Author’s Note: Yes, triplets! The house is a little crazy now. >.<

05-21-17_9-03-57 PM

They came home and Jae started to throw a temper tantrum. He wanted to be an only child, that poor boy! And now he has three siblings and a cousin.

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