13. Life goes on

Even without Cho, life still must go on.


Yen had questioned her second pregnancy when she had fought with Cho.

05-21-17_7-51-56 PM05-21-17_7-52-07 PM05-21-17_7-52-20 PM05-21-17_7-52-29 PM

“New life is amazing,” Lynn reassured her sister. “It’ll be wonderful to have another tot about the house.”

“And I’m glad you’ve agreed to stay and help me! I don’t know what I’d do without you, Lynn.”

And so the sisters renovated the master bedroom into two bedrooms and a small sitting room/hallway, allowing them both to have their own room.

05-21-17_7-49-44 PM05-21-17_7-49-53 PM05-21-17_7-50-16 PM05-21-17_7-50-02 PM05-21-17_7-50-09 PM05-21-17_7-50-11 PM05-21-17_7-50-25 PM05-21-17_7-50-29 PM

Author’s Note: If you didn’t notice, Yen popped while fighting with Cho. >.< And yes, that’s only the second trimester in the above pictures.

I also played a little with pose player, and got some adorable shots of Yen and Aurora. Yen had to pee in the middle of the night and then checked on a crying Aurora, and tried to comfort her. That’s why I decided to mess with a “pregnant + toddler” pack.


05-21-17_8-27-43 PM05-21-17_8-29-21 PM05-21-17_8-31-50 PM05-21-17_8-31-58 PM

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