12. Breaking

Now that Yen knows the truth, things start to break.


05-19-17_11-10-34 PM

“How could you?!” Yen was quick to jump on Cho. She knew now that he was behind everything, and was still plotting for more. “I thought you were my best friend, that you loved me!”

05-19-17_11-10-50 PM

“Love you? You were just the perfect sim to fall for my charm.” Cho glared at Yen. “You, my dear, have just been a stepping stone. Like your mother, and your sister.”

05-19-17_11-12-41 PM05-19-17_11-12-20 PM05-19-17_11-14-12 PM05-19-17_11-14-16 PM05-19-17_11-14-22 PM

“If you think I’ll stand for this,” Yen waved her hand around. “Then you’re wrong! I want you out! Now!”

05-19-17_11-18-54 PM

“You think I’m leaving?” Cho huffed at her. “Then you’re wrong.”

“You can’t stay, not if I divorce you.” Yen pulled her wedding ring from her finger and tossed it on the floor beside her. “And I’m going to.”

05-19-17_11-19-13 PM

“I cared for you, but I won’t stand this.” She watched him fake his tears. “This marriage is over.”

05-19-17_11-19-22 PM05-19-17_11-19-47 PM

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