11. Lynn

Lynn comes to her sister with news of Sixam.


05-18-17_1-53-38 PM

“We’ll be safe here, Aurora. Yen will take care of us.” Lynn held her daughter close. Shin had thrown her away, but she trusted her sister to help. And seeing the house Yen had built made her happy.

05-19-17_9-14-52 PM

At least mother didn’t kill her love of gardening. Or took the smile from her face.

05-19-17_9-25-23 PM

“Yen,” Lynn eyed her sister with a smile. “I’ve come home to you, dear sister.”

05-19-17_9-34-21 PM.png

“But the news I bring…is not news you wish to hear.”

05-19-17_9-41-17 PM

“Either way, it’s great to see you, Lynn!” Yen pulled her sister into a tight embrace. “I have missed you.”

05-19-17_9-41-09 PM

“And I you!” Lynn held her sister for a long minute. “I have much to tell you.”


05-19-17_9-45-49 PM

“Shortly after you left, I married Shin, and then had Aurora. Mother wasn’t the happiest about my marriage, but with a baby on the way we had to marry quickly. I think that’s part of the reason she was so hard on you, Yen, because she wasn’t happy with me.” Lynn sighed at the thought of her mother’s temper. How many times had Yen taken the blame for something Lynn had done, just because Yen was older and less liked? Lynn shook her head; it had happened too many times.

“But then mother came back to Sixam after visiting you, and Shin and I took the throne. I thought we made a great team, y’know, but mother thought he wasn’t doing things right.” Lynn’s smile fell. “And then I woke up one morning, and Shin wasn’t beside me. But there on his pillow sat divorce papers. Shin wanted me and Aurora gone.”

05-19-17_10-05-00 PM.png

Lynn picked up her child before continuing the story. “Somehow he had managed to get all of Sixam against me. Yen, I was tossed away. Just like that.” Lynn fought hard to keep the tears at bay. “So now I’m without a home.”

05-19-17_10-09-36 PM.png

“There’s nothing to worry about, Lynn,” Yen stood beside her sister and tried to comfort her. “We have plenty of room here for you. Stay with us.”

Lynn smiled. “I knew you’d save me, Yen.” But her face fell quickly. “I haven’t told you the worst of it, yet.”

05-19-17_10-15-48 PM.png

“Cho, your husband, helped Shin plan my rise,” Lynn explained to Yen. “And your fall.”

05-19-17_10-16-00 PM.png

“He’s planning to get rid of us both, Yen.”

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