10. Years

Time is passing; slowly but surely.


Years pass, families grow, people get older. That’s how life works.

Before long, Jae was a very independent toddler.

05-16-17_4-40-35 PM05-18-17_10-01-23 PM05-18-17_10-20-55 PM

And Cho was past 30!

05-19-17_8-47-08 PM05-19-17_8-47-32 PM

Jae enjoyed dancing with his father in his pajamas, like any little kid.

05-19-17_8-37-44 PM05-19-17_8-37-54 PM

And Yen kept herself busy with a fruitful garden, providing what little money the family had.

05-19-17_9-14-52 PM

Author’s Note: Toddlers are a handful, am I right? The things Jae does… XD

05-18-17_11-24-25 PM05-19-17_8-11-40 PM05-19-17_8-55-18 PM

And Cho’s little birthday party had some funny moments.

05-19-17_8-47-26 PM05-19-17_8-50-34 PM

And in case you were wondering, yes Yen is actually older than Cho (I placed him in after her), but because of Jae they evened out a little more, but there is a surprise coming next chapter. :3

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