6. Cho’s Interlude

Yen’s mother had come to Earth to talk to Yen. My cousin, Shin had told me of such a plan. He needed me to marry Yen to insure his rise to power. If Yen married me and cut ties with Sixam, her sister, Lynn, would ascend the throne, meaning her husband, Shin, would be by her side.

I told him I’d do what I could. And I did just that.

05-15-17_9-43-46 AM


Yen and I had been best friends growing up. Her father approved of us, and intended on our union. Her mother disagreed. During our late teens, she cut me out of Yen’s life.

“Yen will be the future ruler, she needs a better husband then a low-life like you.”

Or something. Nylah was always a mean creature. I didn’t like her. But I liked Yen, and didn’t want to lose her. So when she left for Earth, I followed.

She yelled at me for abandoning her, but we became fast friends again. Nothing could keep us apart.

05-15-17_10-45-10 AM

She was mine, and I knew it.

I also knew her mother insisted she marry. And she had her sights on me.

05-15-17_10-47-22 AM

So I stepped up my game.

05-15-17_10-48-56 AM05-15-17_10-49-08 AM05-15-17_10-57-21 AM05-15-17_10-58-12 AM

And my fate was sealed. I had the woman I wanted, and Yen had the husband she needed. And there was the added bonus that I’d never she her mother again.


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