5. Mother

“Mother!” Yen was quick to recognize her visitor. “What are you doing here?”

“Don’t you ‘mother’ me, traitor!” Nylah eyed her daughter. “You know full well what you did, yet you haven’t finished it!”

“Mother, you’re not implying…I left Sixam, isn’t that enough?”

“No, it’s not!” Nylah shook her finger in Yen’s face. “You’re not married yet, it’s not final.”

05-11-17_11-21-01 AM

“But mother, I left because I didn’t want to get married!” Yen backed away from her mother. “I left Sixam all together so Lynn could rule.”

“But you never fully renounced your rule! Now that your father’s gone, the throne is rightfully yours!”

05-11-17_11-20-46 AM

“But I don’t want it!”

“Well you have it!” Nylah fully yelled at her daughter. “Until you marry against my wishes, and fully cut all ties with Sixam, the throne is yours.”

Yen took another step back to think it over. She’d already cut ties, hoping that would be enough to satisfy the requirements, but her mother still insisted she marry. But who? Yen knew very few people, and this union had to be a lasting one.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of guy he is, Yen, just marry him! I can’t approve of him anyways, so just pick some one!”

But who? The question swam through Yen’s mind again. Was there anyone that made her happy?

Yen remembers how happy Cho makes her

“Alright, mother.” Yen faced Nylah with determination. “I’ll get married to someone you don’t approve of.”



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