(Not story related) Sims 2 photos

After finding sims 2 at the thrift store, I have slowly but surely been figuring my way around the game, and have taken some cute pictures I’d like to share.

Tommy, one of the bin family toddlers. He’s cuddling with his grandmother’s new kitten, Cymmi. The adorableness is so overwhelming!! My family has probably seen this picture a thousand times. I just find it so cute!!


Ema, one of my CAS toddlers. She just up and climbed into the dog bed! At the time, they didn’t actually have the dog, but she slept in the bed most of the time. Would scream bloody-murder if Isis (her mother) put her in her crib. Little Ema might just be part dog!



Isis, Ema’s mother, had asked the matchmaker for a blind date. He dropped from the sky, and stared at the matchmaker until she left. I’m a little surprised Isis kept him around, but he did bring in 20,000 simoleons. 😉



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