3. Him

Yen had spent a wonderfully happy week on Earth. She found that she loved farming, though she didn’t have a knack for fishing.

Hardly anytime at all and she had a little house for herself. The produce she grew earned quite a few simoleons.

And life would’ve been perfect, if she never would’ve run into him. Cho Vrazzaessae. A Bloestob.

As far as she knew, Yen was the only alien in Newcrest. She was the only one people had mentioned to her. First many had ever seen. But not anymore.

“You!” Yen had no problem letting some steam off. “You Bloestob!” She resisted the urge to slap him hard. “The war is all your fault! Because of you, I’m here, not back home helping my family survive! I hate you.”

She had never been given the opportunity to yell at anyone. And it left her feeling marvelous.


9 thoughts on “3. Him

  1. That seems like a really cool story. I like the alien war element-universal and unique at the same time.
    Yen’s very interesting. It looks like being on her own is working out well for her.

    Liked by 1 person

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