2. The war


11-18-16_1-17-01-am(The aliens are as follows: Bloestob = Blue skinned aliens, Puarylp = Purple skinned aliens, Gredruzua = Green skinned aliens, and Wreicrez = White skinned aliens)

The war started when the Bloestob decided to invade Wreicrez. Gredruzua tried to stop the fighting, but Puarylp insisted it continued, waging war and throwing all of Sixam into turmoil.

Yen was at Zuuks, where her family’s castle was located. She was prepared to rule over the fighting lands with her mother, the queen, when it happened.

Gredruzua had always been in total control, with Wreicrez close behind. The royal family had Wreicrez blood, in fact Yen was a lighter shade of green because of it. But even Wreicrez wanted the power. They wanted the throne, and Bloestob and Puarylp were there to help.

Soon most of the Gredruzua people had fallen. Dead or slaves to the others. Some lucy few, like Yen, were sent to Earth to start afresh.

She never got to say goodbye to her family, or her people. She was left alone on an unfamiliar land. And Yen was fine with it.

There was no changing her fate now. Yen had never wanted to rule in the first place. She liked her home at Zuuks, but wanted something more normal.

And now, she had gotten her wish. She was left alone to tend to foreign plants.


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