1. Yen Kolcaltca


The heir to the Sixam throne. Thrust onto an Earth bound shuttle during the war, Yen was forced to make herself a home on the patch of land she had claimed.

She worried for the world she left behind, but somehow liked the idea of starting over. She was the heir, yes, but not the oldest, and surely not the one people loved best. Yen’s siblings were always better than her, but for reasons unknown, her parents chose her for the task of ruling.

Maybe they wanted the others to succeed, without the title of queen resting on their shoulders. And now Yen had that chance. She was able to do what she wanted for the first time in her life.

She didn’t have her parents, her siblings, her teachers, or anyone else watching over her shoulder, making sure she did well. Yen could fail at anything, and no one would care. Around her plot of land, no one was near.

She was alone, and she quite liked it.


6 thoughts on “1. Yen Kolcaltca

  1. YO what happened to the sims stories that were on the sims website? I don’t find them anymore and really miss reading them as they were long and consisted of actual stories. i don’t understand why all of the stories on her are like two paragraphs long.


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